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Today's post and giveaway is sponsored by Disney's Guide to Green Living for Families - Go Green!

I cannot tell you how very impressed I am with Go Green!  It has everything I would put in a guide for families moving toward sustainable living and more!   Go Green has fun suggestions, seasonal crafts and tips for moving forward in going green.  Sections on food, the importance of peace and loverecycling, reusing and our carbon footprint.  Go Green talks about organic and sustainable farming (you know this is my favorite section ;) as well as what fair trade is and the importance of it!  Go Green is fun and informative without being harsh or preachy.  I highly recommend for moms, dads, teens, kids and anyone else wanting to make a change in their life.   

Go Green is a great addition to families and homes around the world because it helps each person to answer one important question in their own way; Why go green? It teaches kids responsibility, how to reach their goals, be happy about it, rethink their values, quit bad habits and the list goes on, all to protect our planet and our future.  Involving kids in everyday responsibilities is a great preparation for their future as well as teaching them the importance of world peace, loving each other and our planet, so this book is not only about recycling and going green, it is also a guideline on how to live a better life and be a better person.

Fun pictures, crafts, tips, recipes and so much more!

Coming in October 2014    
There are many ways to save our planet and some involve big actions, others much smaller.
Among the most important things we can do for the planet is to reduce the amount of stuff we buy and produce. Here’s where crafty kids and their families and friends come into the picture.

This Go Green volume offers lots of suggestions for craft activities and experiments that help you up-cycle your old things and turn them into sparkling new creations to add new luster to your room, to birthday and holiday parties, your garden, your home and even your wardrobe.
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We are giving TWO copies of Go Green away!  
Open to US and prize is shipped via publisher.  

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I was provided with a copy for review purposes.  Opinions are my own.  I absolutely recommend this book to any mom, dad or anyone who wants to move toward sustainable living.


Unknown said…
We recycle and try to have as little trash as possible. We signed up for a recycle package from our trash company so we get two recycle cans and one trash. It only gets picked up every two weeks also.
DesiredOne said…
We recycle rain water for gardening. We also have a recycle program in our small town.