Kindness Is Magical! #StreamTeam #spon

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It's back to school time - time for supplies, new clothes and thinking of new classes and learning new things!  Kindness and tolerance should be the first and most important thing taught.  Yes, more than math and science - kindness matters.  I believe we all need to practice kindness daily.  We all get busy and we all get in a hurry, but with everything -  practice kindness.  What we choose to watch on TV is no different.  Do our children watch shows were people treat each other with contempt and ambivalence or kindness,  compassion and love for one another?  It matters.  Let us make kindness in all we do rule this back to school season! (and every season)  

What are some shows that you and your family watch, where people are kind to each other?  Makes you think, doesn't it?  Not many.  I would love for Netflix to include Disney Junior's Charlie and Lola in their Netflix for Kids Section!  Charlie and Lola are brother and sister and always so lovely and kind.

We also have Parenting with Kindness.

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