Spring to Play This Easter With Osmo! #SpringIntoOsmo

We are so pleased to be a part of Osmo Social Club!

I have been so incredibly impressed with the Osmo!  We are newly introduced to the Osmo Play System that works with an iPad (we have an iPad mini) or an Amazon Fire and we absolutely love it!  It truly has everything you want for education - colorful fun, engaging activities and continuous learning opportunities.  We really love it!

Check out - Spring Fun at Osmo!

We think playing and learning are always possible and should go together.  Osmo has playsets for whatever your kiddo wants to learn - coding, drawing, math, spelling and SO much more!
Easter Morning Fun that engages play and doesn't rot their teeth! :)

Follow Play Osmo on Instagram - Just a little secret - they have a giveaway coming!!
We are excited to announce that Osmo kits and games are 30% off and would make a great addition to your little ones Easter Basket this year!   If you are new to Osmo, may we suggest a genius kit to start off with.  Kits come with the base for either a Fire or iPad - you choose.  It comes with a variety of activities and subjects.  Osmo also has a stellar parent app to monitor and keep track of your kid's accomplishments and levels - easy to use and simple to set up.

Osmo Hot Wheels MindRacers Gameis now 30% off and makes spectacular interactive Easter morning fun! 

This is Osmo Hot Wheels Mind Racer Game and we all love to play with little one!

You only need one base for Osmo Fun!  No need to buy a new base each time. One base and pick your game - Ready, Set, Play!  The kits have a set for iPad or Amazon Fire included and that base goes with any game you buy! 

Please see Osmo Spring Printables and Spring Sale Prices 30% Off at Osmo! 

We are most happily a part of the Osmo Social Club.  Opinions are our own and YESSSS, we absolutely love Osmo products!!