Change 3 Things

I didn't think about cloth diapers much when my first two kids were born – maybe a fleeting thought that no one used them anymore. Or that they were only used by hippies (do they still exist?) and environmental zealots.  But by the time my third child came along a decade later, things had changed.  I was pregnant, my husband was diagnosed with Cancer, was going through chemo, and he had lost his job. 

But, regardless of my current circumstances baby was on his way and we had to get ready.  Cloth diapers seemed to be a little complicated (or maybe it was because my husband was going through chemo and I felt I couldn't handle anything extra.)  When Noah was born in November I started him off in disposables. 

My husband has since finished chemo and things have the promise of being "normal" again.  Noah is now 5 months old and a few weeks ago, after reading yet another article on the toxins in disposable diapers I looked into cloth diapers.  The choices were endless - covers or inserts, snaps or hook and loop, folded or unfolded?  All really great choices, I just had no idea what was what.  I started looking into all the different companies that make cloth diapers and I liked Cotton Babies the best, they seem to have babies in their best interest, not just a healthy profit line.  So I contacted them about doing a write up for my blog.

Cotton Babies  told me about their campaign,  Change 3 Things.  It is an awareness campaign designed to promote the environmental and economical impacts of cloth diapering. Changing three cloth diapers a day is a small change for one family that equals BIG impact for our planet.  Did you know that one child can use approximately 6,000 disposable diapers by the age of 24 months, resulting in one ton of garbage?  And they can take up to 500 years to decompose!!  Ummm, eww.  We won't even discuss the cost difference (saving anywhere from $500 to $2000 per year).  I took the opportunity to change!   I started with several different samples of styles, covers  and insert options.  Really all great - try them all and choose whichever you prefer.   Since receiving the cloth diapers, Noah has not been in one disposable diaper! No, not even at night.  I really can't believe how easy it is and why more people aren't doing it.   

I'm starting my fourth week and I can honestly say I wish I would have started little one on cloth diapers at birth.

I'm a different mom now than I was then, always aware of how my choices effect the environment and planet, ultimately effecting us all.   Change isn't always easy, but when you're learning  and trying to make a difference in the world we live in,  that's always a change  for the better. 

Some helpful links - If you think you can't afford cloth diapers, here's some help.
Not sure what the basics even are?  Cloth Diaper Basics


Tom M. said…
Cloth diapers? Wow, I didn't even know they were still an option. Snaps or hook & loop would make them a lot more appealing than those huge, sharp pins I think of with cloth diapers. Guess I'll wander over to the basics site for more education!
bdschad said…
Great post! I saw your link on Green Grandma and thought I would check you out. I have been cloth diapering my 7 month old since birth and we LOVE it! I can't imagine doing it any other way!!
jolie said…
This is a great post! I now how baby #4 in cloth...I too wish I had started from day one with #1(didn't find out about it till he was 7 months old).
Nicki said…
Thank you so much everyone for your comments!!
cherished said…
great post! I love cloth diapering and I, decided to try it now that we are on our third child. Elimination communication also makes it even easier! I don't have to change poopy diapers! Thanks for posting, good luck and keep spreading the word!!!!
Nicki said…
Thank you so much! So glad you like it, it's so different thank I thought it would be. So glad I switched too!
lesliegail22 said…
i am about to have my third (big gap between other 2) and I'm looking seriously into the cloth diapering. I'd love to hear tips for newbies or would be newbies :)
Nicki said…
Hi lesliegail22, I have a huge gap between my kids! LOL, I am working on a post this weekend regarding basics and will post next week. I'll include tips for newborns. Be sure to "follow" my you get the post. Thank you so much for commenting and CONGRATULATIONS!!
I'm so glad your husband is doing better! (I'm sorry if I my assumption is wrong, but this is your only post I have read.)

Anyway, great post. I prefer cloth diapers, too. I started about 25 month ago with my second newborn (but she's now potty training), and am pregnant with our third child. Here is my story: