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Winter Holiday Cocktails in the Snow!

Holiday parties are upon us and we have the most festive cocktails for you.  Grab your party glass and join us!   Winter parties are a must and everyone is invited.  Make a winter party great by providing a warm campfire , log seating , snow sleds for the kids (and adults),   cardamon hot cocoa , marshmallows for the fire and great cocktails ! Winter parties have us like - woot woot!  Winter parties are the bestest - no cooler needed in the snow and add some LED battery lighting for festive fun! Chill your glass in the snow before pouring!  Let's be honest shall we?   The first step in your holiday party is picking out the coolest party glass!    We bought these frosted blue high balls at Anthropologie . The second of course is getting the best alcohol and soda- small batch and organic , if possible. Your favorite flavors and always try a new flavor - That's what parties are for!  Ingredients -  Small batch gin Vodka - we like Reyk

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