Dinner Saving Teething Bling!

We got the new teething bling in zebra from Smart Mom Jewelry  to review and  it is oh so gorgeous! 
It saved our first big outing out with baby.  I hadn't been out much with Noah since he was born, so we all went out for shopping and dinner.  I wasn't thinking, forgot an extra binky and of course his hit the floor an hour into the trip.  Instead of having to return home to get new one, (a more desirable option than washing it in a public restroom)...I remembered I was wearing my new Teething Bling.  That was all  he needed, he was absolutely content with the teething pendant all evening!  Lovely! 

My tween loves it and calls it  zing or z-bling and says it's zingtastic, LOL, is that a word?

Thank you, thank you Smart Moms for making such  fabulous (dinner out saver)  products!!

Teething Bling  products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC, latex and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure.

Do you have a favorite Smart Mom product?  Which one and what fabulous color did you get?


Lexie Lane said…
My baby's just starting to do the drooling thing. He's almost 5 months now and we think he's about to teeth. He can't quite grab onto anything yet though. I should probably try this out though.

Thanks for sharing!
Lexie Lane

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Nicki said…
Hi Lexie, it's such a fun age!! Great site..do you have specific blog on it? Thanks for the follow!!