Fashioned by Faith

The media, advertisers, magazines and fashion industry are constantly telling us "Look younger", "How to look hot in your bikini", "Lose weight",  basically the skimpier the better.  This can be overwhelming for anyone, especially those raising daughters.

 I am so pleased with Fashioned by Faith, written by international model Rachel Lee Carter.  Rachel has brought everything it seems into her book; her experiences, (some good some not), young men's thoughts on modesty, and what the Bible has to say.  It has great pictures of some of Rachel's modeling shoots.  And offers guidelines for dressing fashionably modest.  I liked very much hearing of some of her adventures in modeling as well.

While it is their job to walk in the fruit of the spirit and control their thoughts, the young men's opinions offer insight to what the "other side" is thinking.  I think it's important to not forget our (young women) part in walking in the fruit of the spirit.
Fashioned by Faith  includes a 45 day study guide, this is perfect for a mother-daughter study, or a larger study group.  I'm excited to study this with my tween.  Rachel is not "preachy" in her writing, she merely shares her experiences and  knowledge about the world of faith, fashion and God's calling.

Rachel's Modeling in Christ site.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.