Food Revolution

It's all over headlines this week - Girls hit puberty earlier and doctors don't know why, FDA deems food color ok in our foods,  Kellogg's makes different breakfast bars for UK kids(with natural colors) than for  American kids (you guessed it-artificial coloring),  Chicago school bans lunches from mom, and GMO Foods and Serious-Organ-Damage

You have heard the saying "You are what you eat".  God help us.  The Standard American Diet is well...just SAD. 

On a more positive note, Jamie Oliver's second season of Food Revolution started Tuesday.  Thank goodness for Jamie Oliver! 

Are we not though, a little embarrassed as Americans, to NEED a program like Food Revolution?  As the wealthiest and most evolved(?) country shouldn't WE be setting the standards for OTHER countries.  Shouldn't the safety and health of our people be of the upmost concern, not profit?  Are we not intelligent enough to see the results from this blatant disrespect for human life?

  I'm not going to ramble on and on about the staggering statistics on what these preservatives, additives, artificial sweeteners, GMOs and hormones are doing to us, to our children.  The soaring Cancer rates, obesity and other ailments, are proof enough.  This is not an accident to be taken care of with yet more pharmaceuticals (that's another topic altogether).  The information is everywhere.  Why do we continue to ignore it?  Why we are waiting for the food industry to change.  Why are we waiting for the government to protect us from them?  As moms we have power, power to vote every time we purchase something.  We have the power to stand up for our children because, no one else will.

It is our responsibility to protect our children and ourselves.  We need our country to have a Food Revolution, not just our schools. 

Ways to get involved, educate yourself and start your own Revolution!

Some inspiring  and easy to navigate sites to get you started -

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution
Healthy Child
Organic Authority
Environmental Working Group
Moms Rising
Food Inc Movie


Liz said…
Hi~ I just stumbled upon your blog. I recently watched Food Inc and was blown away. We are from chicken county so I was aware of what was going on there but it really made me think about what we are putting into our bodies. (Ironically the I had time to watch the movie because I was home with food poisoning) We are fortunate to be in farm country and have a lot of options for fresh food. Changes will be made! Good luck to you!
Nicki said…
I wish we had more options for fresh farm food. The more I learn about the food system..oh my! Thank you so much for your imput!