Absolutely Splendid Ideas For Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up, I got to thinking about some splendid ideas! 

We all know the basics - turn off the water while you brush your teeth, turn the light off when you leave a room and recycle

Some more splendid ideas:

I've just switched to cloth diapers and it makes such a difference in what we spend and the rubbage we produce.

Make your own cleaners!  Yes, people really do that, actually it's easy.  Healthy Child has a great list of easy recipes that work fabulously!!
Bring plants in - of course, plant them in organic soil.  Plants naturally clean and remove toxins out of  the air for you.   How to Grow Fresh Air: 50 House Plants that Purify Your Home or Office

We reuse things like jars, for make-up brushes, pens..more at ideas for baby food jars.

Bring totes, everywhere you go!  The amount of damage plastic bags  do to our environment is staggering!! Keep them in your car, have them by the door as a reminder as you're leaving.  They have ultra chique ones so you'll be in fashion even at the grocery store. They don't tear and they hold a heck of alot more than a plastic one!  One of my favorites -  New York totes from Eco Mom.

 Filter your water!  If you have a filter on your tap, why would you need plastic bottles?  (where do you think the water companies are getting it?)

Encourage neighbors to not put chemicals on their lawns!!  (where do you suppose all those chemicals go?) Kids and Lawns

Always take your shoes off in the foyer.  I'm a little surprised when people come over and don't automatically do this.  Keep the toxins at the door.  Great excuse for you to buy snugly slippers!

Another favorite, park far away and walk.  I do this, not really for the earth so much as, I'm either running out of gas and it's that much farther to drive OR I failed to work out that day and tell myself, this counts.

Now, keep in mind I wrote this splendid post on Friday.  Saturday, I forgot my reusable bags and had to get plastic bags at the store.  I did NOT look splendid or fashionable!  So no ones perfect, as long as we continue to make a conscience effort, little easy everyday things that add up. 

Get your kids involved and tell me what are some of your splendid ideas?

Kids for Saving the Earth
Healthy Child


Cat said…
I am so excited for Earth Day…I am really focused on making my carbon footprint smaller and totally think that Earth Day should become Earth Week or Month…we humans are just too hard on our planet! Great “green” ideas…love the diy cleaners!

xx Cat brideblu
Nicki said…
So glad you like!! The Healthy Child site is just fabulous for that. Agreed, it should be Earth Month...really EVERYDAY should be Earth Day! Thank you so much for your imput :-)