Easy Peasy Cloth Diapering!

When I started looking into cloth diapering I had NO idea what was what.  I honestly looked kind of confusing, and by the number of emails and direct messages I got after I posted Change 3 Things, Why I Switched to Cloth Diapers , I am apparently not the only one.  So I thought I would post a simple guide of the basics.  I hope you find it useful.  Cloth diapering consists of covers and inserts.  I have brands Bum Genius, Flip and Econobum they are all brands of Cotton Babies, I am so pleased with them, I haven't been interested in getting any other brands.  I do have friends though that have been very happy with other brands.  Whatever works for you.


We'll start with inserts; they are the cloth fabric that goes between baby's skin and the outer cover of the diaper.  Two different kinds inserts and prefolds.

unbleached prefold  

                        After folding.

Bum Genius insert (adjustable)


Covers come in hook and loop,(another word for VELCRO®) and snaps.  Some covers have sizes that go by weight.  I like the Cotton Babies brands because you buy ONE cover that is adjustable from newborn through potty training. 

Bum Genius adjustable one size fits all cover.

This is adjusted for newborn. This cover comes with one regular size insert (see above pic) and one small newborn insert!

This is the same diaper cover adjusted for medium size (this is the size my 6 month old uses)

This is the same diaper with hook and loop (instead of snaps)  adjusted to fit largest size.
As you can see quite roomy!

Also, want to mention..this is called a pocket diaper cover. Where it opens is where you put the insert. The fleece (white part) keeps baby extra dry.

Many covers do not have this...again, just what your preferences are.  This is what I use at night, with two inserts in it. It has worked the best for us, keeping baby driest.

This is my cleaning system.

Cleaning the diapers is so much easier than I thought it would be!  

Helpful hints: put clean wet diapers in the sun to get rid of stains and disinfect.

Most of the links on this post are for Cotton Babies website, right now they are running cheaper than Amazon.  Cotton Babies always has free shipping no minimum. 

Some extra help - more basicsI use a pail of hot soapy water and chic gloves to rinse out any ucky diapers.  The dirty water gets dumped into the laundry sink and the diapers go straight to the washing machine with any other diapers waiting to be washed.  

I use Bum Genius laundry detergent it is the only detergent I have tried,  it works so well, I've seen no need to try anything else.   I wash  in hot water and a long cycle.  Then, I put in dryer, the covers you should line dry as this keeps the elastic fresh and doesn't wear out easily.  I have to say though, mine go in the dryer occasionally (ok, alot) and they come out fabulous!  (I might have to replace sooner than you normally would if you only line dried) So far though, they show no signs of any wear and tear. I do not use dryer sheets as they are not healthy for baby and have residue that makes the inserts less absorbent. 

I would love to hear any comments or questions about cloth diapering!


braxybree said…
oh-so-glad you inspired our switch!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
very cute blog

visiting you from the Alexa hop, im also your new follower.

Nicki said…
Hi, thank you so much for you comment and follow!! You have a great blog/site!!
Unknown said…
I did try cloth nappies with my son when he was a baby, but unfortunately he seemed to get nappy rash - he was always prone to it (his cousin had a similar experience). Also it was winter and there was nowhere to dry the nappies after washing. So sadly, I was back to Pampers again. I do like the idea in principle though and have met other mums who have saved a lot of money through cloth nappies.

I love your blog design too.

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