Salmon Bites and Black Beans

We had this the other night, is was so tropical and delicious, thought I'd share with you!  The chipotle ranch and lemon slices make all the difference!  Fabulous!

2 cans of pink Salmon

1 cup of Italian bread crumbs

1 small organic onion-chopped

1 tbs. of organic lime juice

1 organic lemon (half for sliced garnish and juice from one half for mix)

2 tbs. of Pickapeppa sauce (known as Jamaica's ketchup & a must have for every  kitchen)

1 teas of fresh ground pepper

pinch of sea salt

1 large organic brown egg

grapeseed oil or olive oil

I use a stand mixer to mix all the ingredients, (make sure you "flake" all of the salmon BEFORE you add to mix, squish it well).  Add everything and mix ingredients well. (keeping out the one of the half's of lemon for garnish)

In a hot fry pan ( I always use stainless steel!) add about 2 tbs. of grapeseed oil.
Scoop about 2 teas size balls of mix into pan.  Cook a minute and when brown squish a little and flip over.
Cook until browned then put in bowl until all the mixture is cooked.

Side dishes:  Add a teas. of minced fresh garlic and pinch of sea salt to two cans of organic black beansHeat well.
Side dish of corn goes great with this.

Serve with lemon slices and Chipolte Ranch. If you can find Cindy's Kitchen brand it is the best I've had!

This is not a sponsored post.  I purchased all ingredients.


Joy Page Manuel said…
Thanks for stopping over at Catharsis! And thanks for the recipe above...I could never figure out what to do with my canned pink salmon at home and now there's this interesting recipe! Looking forward to read more on here :-)
Nicki said…
Thank you so much for stopping by Joy! It was so yummy, can't wait to cook it again!
Jewelry By J said…
yum! looks delicious!
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Unknown said…
They look yummy, but I'm not a big fish fan! Thanks for sharing the recipe though.

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I haven't seen Pickapeppa sauce in years, but I'm going to the Jamaican market tomorrow to get some! New follower from the Weekend hop, would love a follow back please!
Sounds interesting!

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Wow that looks yummy! I'm a new follower. Can't wait to read more of your blog.

Jill said…
Thanks for sharing!
What a lot of colours!

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Karen F said…
Yummy ~ it's lunch time and I am hungry ;.)

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Amy said…
Yummy, yummy!
Salmon bites? Interesting! I found you on Fun Tuesday and am a new follower. I would love for you to stop by
OurFamilyWorld said…
Looks interesting. Thank you for linking to our Tuesday hop. I follow on Facebook
All righty--I'm going to try this for the kids. Thanks so much for sharing on Momtrends.
Nicki said…
Thank you so much everyone! I hope you like these as much as we do! I look forward to stopping by your blogs..some we've already been to! Have a great weekend!
Terri said…
How yummy, I really love salmon and will try the bites. We try to have it at least twice a week for my inflammation. Thank you for sharing.
Keenly Kristin said…
SOOO yummy!!

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Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin