Start Fresh with Tyler Florence

I am a huge fan of  Sprout Organic Baby Food and I have been waiting for Start Fresh by Tyler Florence  to come out, and it has not disappointed!  It is better than I imagined and is a must have for anyone with kids!
The recipes are fantastic with absolutely yummy pictures for every mouth watering recipe.  The cookbook starts of with a section on basics, like what you'll need, and how to steam, roast and puree. How to store and reheat safely.  Even a little chart to track your babies first foods.   There is a Single Ingredient Puree section and Flavor Combos, which also has purees in it.  The Roasted Apples and Cinnamon is especially lovely!  A Foods with Texture section and a Everyone to the Table section.  Every recipe has a small introduction and how many serving it makes for adults and kids.  This also is not a cookbook that is good only when kids are little, the recipes are fantastic and in fact great for any age!

The recipes are easy to follow and creative.  Just goes to show baby food can and should be flavorful and fabulous!

Start Fresh  is available at

Sprout Organic Baby Food is giving away two copies of Start Fresh! Enter here!!

The opinions of this review and purchase of Start Fresh are my own.


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I just started making my daughter's food. I'll have to look into this book.

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