hummus for lunch!

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I have been busy working on a hummus recipe and this one came out quite yummy!!  I thought I'd share with you.  There are so many different versions, we like this one the best! (so far ;)

1 can organic garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
half of  lemon juice
2 tbs of tahini
1 large clove of fresh garlic, chopped
about 2 tbs. of fresh cilantro
2 teas of red pepper (more to taste)
2 teas of cumin
fresh ground pepper to taste
pinch of sea salt

Blend well in food processor and enjoy! Easy peasy!

Dip with fresh yummy whole wheat bread, red pepper sticks or pitas!  We like to have on a toasted everything bagel with spinach leaves! Delicious and healthy!


About a Mom said…
I just love fresh hummus! Looks like a great recipe. Thanks for linking up to the Wild Weekend Hop!
Mandi said…
I wish I was eating that right this very minute. I'm going to try this recipe, thanks!

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Smile and Mama With Me
Yum! Seriously, that looks SO appetizing! :)
Grandma Bonnie said…
Thank you for the recipe. I love hummus.
New follower from the Wild Weekend Hop. Hope you stop by for a visit.
Unknown said…
My 6 y/o son just LOVES Hummus...I'm going to try this on him~!!

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I love hummus and I can't wait to try this.

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