ten healthy tips to get ready for back-to-school

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Is it that time already?  Time to get ready for back to school?  The end of summer means lots of changes in schedule and routines.  In the busyness of everything, it is sometimes easy to forget the basics.

Here's some fabulous healthy tips for getting ready for back to school!

Summertime means lots of outdoor activities and exercise, when schedules change, don't forget to include the outdoors!  Plan picnics, outings to parks and perhaps some nature walks on the weekends, these are sometimes forgotten when you get busy with other activities.

Get some fabulous reusable containers and lunch bag.  Plan out some healthy easy recipes to bring to school.  Have the kids involved and make it fun!  Add a little note too! (Don't forget to send some hand wipes to clean their hands before they eat.)

Don't over-schedule!  With so many new activities and sports to sign up for, you and child talk about it and pick two.  Have them pick what's really important to them.  This makes it easier on everyone in the family.

Plan a weekly date with each child.  Some one on one time  is so healthy for mom, dad and kids.  It keeps you connected with what is going on in their life, it is so important when things and schedules get hectic.

When picking out your school supplies and backpacks, try to pick out PVC and lead free.  This keeps kids breathing easier.

When kids come in from school, have them leave their coats and packs in the foyer as well as their shoes...this keeps germs from being trailed all over the house.

Scheduling fun downtime and playdates with friends they aren't seeing regularly now that school is in, can be a healthy stress reliever for kids.

Send a water bottle with them!  The stainless steel water bottles are great and have a loop on top for a clip, easy to attach to their backpacks.  The bottles and clips come in fun colours.  This helps keep kids hydrated and away from the chemicals in plastic water bottles!

Have their eyes checked out!  It is so frustrating for kids to have trouble not be able to see the class bulletin board and they often do not realize they are having problems seeing clearly.  Go to Transition Lenses for more information.

Eat a healthy breakfast!!  Again, with the busyness of getting out the door in the morning, breakfast is often overlooked and whatever is quick and easy on the way out, sometimes prevails.  It always helps to plan the night before.

These are just some easy tips to get your back to school season off to a healthy start!!

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