Dino Adventure Fun with Sprig Toys!

Sprig Dino Adventure Rig

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Still looking for a fabulous Christmas toy for your little one?  Take a look at Sprig Toys, they have such fun, imaginative toys for kids (fun for mom and dad as well)! 

I love that Sprig Toys are kid-powered and eco-friendly!  Imagine that, toys with no batteries, no paint, made with recycled Sprigwood (the little bit of plastic that is used is from reclaimed plastic), just fun and imagination!  Absolutely perfect. 

Sprig Soarin Sea Plane

Sprig Toys can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble or a fabulous toy store near you!

I happily received the Dino Adventure Sprig Set for my honest review whether it be good or not and no other compensation was given.