Five Fun Driving Tips for Moms!

Five Driving Tips for Moms! Driving can be an extreme sport when you have kids, we all know the basics; like wear your seatbelt and use car seats but, here are some things that perhaps you didn't consider!

1. Bring snacks with you, kids (and adults for that matter) get quite fussy when they get hungry and that in-it-of-itself can be distracting when driving.

2. Needless to say put your phone down! I cannot go out, without seeing moms with little ones in the back talking on the phone. Give your driving and children your attention, the phone can and should wait. Is that not a fabulous thing about being out anyway...quite! Check your phone messages when you arrive, respond to any immediate messages, otherwise everyone else can wait.

3. Leave early. By leaving early you avoid being in a rush, which gives you that "hurried" feeling, which makes everyone fussy and it is quite hard to drive properly whilst fussy.  You should never be in a hurry driving, unless the words "racetrack" or "motorspeed way" or even "Autobahn"are on the street signs.

4. Have a ready-to-go bag waiting. By having a large (but chic) tote either by the door or already in the car filled with books, DVDs, music and colouring stuff, it keeps the kids in happy moods and busy!

5. Clean out your car before you leave. Hazards in your own car are totally avoidable, like, say for instance...not being able to stop because your peddle is hindered by yesterday's grande Starbucks cup. This of course would never happen to you, but great to be safe anyway.

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Hope this helps all of the fabulous mommas out there to get you where you are going safely, Happy Driving!

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