Disney's It's A Small World and Pooh's Birthday Surprise Apps!

It's a Small World app from Disney

Do you remember going on the it's a small world ride at Disney when you were a kid?  I loved it, and I was so pleased when they came out with it's a small world children's bookand now they have an It's a Small World app as well!!  The art and animation is absolutely gorgeous, you might find yourself wanting to book a trip to Disney World.


Sing along to it's a small world!

 You’ll span the globe, traveling over snowy Russian hilltops, across sunny African plains, and through deep ocean waters. Rich, surprising interactivity brings each new destination to life. Plus, a special sing-along feature lets kids to join in the musical celebration!

Irresistible tap-and-play interactivity
Special “It’s a Small World” sing-along activity
Plus, learn to say “Hello!” in sixteen languages!

Does anyone else have "it's a small world" song playing in their head?? No? "it's a world of laughter...." ;) Enjoy!

Oh, we adore Pooh Bear and his friends, and we love to join the magical world of Pooh getting ready for the birthday surprise party.  Does your toddler have a birthday coming up?  She can read and play along with Pooh's Birthday Surprise; now an app!

Pooh's Birthday Surprise is an interactive storybook, with reading and pre-math concepts play along in the story as you get ready for the birthday party.

Early-learning activities include: identifying and extending simple patterns, problem solving, vocabulary awareness, and story comprehension.

Narration with word-by-word highlights supporting the read-along experience.

Special feature taps engage and surprise young readers. Shake to clear away dust, tilt to set clouds in motion, swipe to see flowers bloom, and much more.

 So play, read and sing along to two of Disney's favourites (and ours), "come to life"; now available on itunes!!


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