messy recipes for fun!

Kids love making messes!  Moms do too, we just do not normally do it, because we are the ones who clean it up.  Every now and then kids need to make a mess!  One of our favourite "recipes" for making a mess is making masks out of paper plates, they are so creative and fun!

Clorox has launched a new Recipes for Fun website!!  Their recipes for making messes are vast with Wacky Science, Arts and Crafts, Kiddie Cooking and Creative Cooking;  all of which are some of our most favourite things to do!  I wanted to share one messy idea; choosing a category was quite difficult...since we usually share cooking with kids ideas, we thought getting messy with paint, glitter and glue would be fun. (isn't paint always fun :D)

Get paper plates, string, elastic or ribbon and coloured tissue paper, go ahead and get out ALL of your craft stuff...don't forget the glue and paint, those are extra messy and fun!

Cut out eye area (age appropriate). 

Be creative decorating the plate!  Use paint, glitter, glue, coloured tissue paper, cut pieces out of old magazines. Have fun! 

Let your mask dry, cut small spaces out for the ribbon, elastic or string.  Be extra creative and have your kids come up with a skit involving their new creation and act it out for the family that night instead of TV.  Oh, the laughing that ensues!

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Anonymous said…
I used to love mask-making when I was little!