The Adventures of Tintin!

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Have you seen The Adventures of Tintin?  We rented it last night and WOW, what a ride!!  I am not sure who liked this movie better, the kids, the teen, or us (parents)!!   Tintin and his fabulous dog, Snowy, go on an amazing treasure hunt adventure.  With most movies, we wait for a point to stop the DVD and get snacks or a potty never came with this movie; non-stop adventure!

Why exactly was this not nominated for multiply catagories at the Academy Awards??
The only thing I didn't like was that we rented, had I known how spectacular it was...I would have just bought it! Wow!  So if you are looking for a fun movie for the whole family or perhaps an Easter gift, this is it.  Tintin did have action adventure so it may be a little too much for small children.  I totally recommend this movie for 7 and up.
Steven Spielberg  working on Adventures of Tintin.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, we are off the the market to buy The Adventures of Tintin!

Buy it here on Amazon:  The Adventures of Tintin!

No disclaimer on this one...absolutely loved the movie so much wanted to share with you!  (wish I would have seen it in theaters). If you use the link above...I get like a penny, LOL