jamie oliver's 20 minute meals app!

I recently bought a Kindle Fire tablet/e-reader and am sooooo very pleased with it.  When I got the Fire, the first app I looked up was the Jamie Oliver one...it was not on sale and it ran about eight dollars, so I waited.  Now, it is $.49!!  I is absolutely fantastic, it has great recipes and a shopping list you can take to the market with you. 

Pastas, main courses, desserts, sides...everything!

Amazing healthy recipes!

Filled with tutorials from fresh herbs, how to sharpen your knives, 21 videos in all.

Take a look at or purchase here: Jamie's 20 Minute Meals App!!

No disclaimer...I bought and liked it so much I wanted to share with you, however if you follow the link above to buy it...I think I get like a penny...LOL! 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to have fun!!