Waffles: Fun Recipes for Every Meal!

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Well, what do you think we had for breakfast this morning? LOL, why YES, we did have waffles!  We are a breakfast family (read our Tropicana post) and we used to eat waffles all the time then  our waffle machine broke and I had not replaced it; after receiving this book though and seeing all the yummy pictures, we couldn't wait to start making waffles again (I went out next day and got new machine)!  I did not previously  have a waffle recipe that I just loved so we started with the basic chocolate waffle recipe in the book.  I have a favourite recipe now!!  Oh, my...seriously yummy waffles, they were so fabulous at breakfast Saturday, everyone asked for them again on Sunday. 

This is our double batch of Chocolate Pancakes, we need a double batch around here!

Our Chocolate Chip Batter.
Tons of gorgeous pictures and recipes.  There are not pictures for every single recipe but, most of them do have fabulous pictures.  We are huge fans of homemade whip cream and Waffles has recipes for several different flavours of homemade whip cream.  Again, absolutely delicious.  The only thing we did different is use grapeseed oil, not canola.


We are making the Oatmeal Waffles with Brown Sugar and Bananas recipe next!!


Homemade Whip Cream and Chocolate Waffles topped with
organic real maple syrup! Ahhhhhh!

Waffles: Fun Recipes for Every Meal is, in my opinion; a breakfast foodie must have!  The book comes in sections with basics as well as breakfast (of course) but, a lunch and dinner as well as dessert section!  Did you know you could have an outstanding waffle dinner??


I received this book as a gift from publisher, (I actually was not required to give review) liked the book so much, wanted to share...I received no other compensation.


Anonymous said…
ohhh, I forgot how much I loved waffles...NOW I remember!! Thank You!