Earth Day Fun with Rainforest Alliance!

If you think it does not matter what you buy, you might want to think again.  We vote every time we purchase something. Everytime.  You say alot about what is important to you, by what you buy; your health, the health of your children and our environment which affects everything around us.  When you choose to purchase sustainable foods and products, you are helping in ways maybe you have not thought of...ways to benefit your family and improve other families around the planet.  Still not sure it matters?  Please check out some important information about sustainable farming.

Look for Rainforest Alliance's little green frog on food, coffee and paper products you buy!

After buying your fabulous and quite yummy sustainable chocolate and bananas try out these recipes:

Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies!

Double-Chocolate Brownies

Banana Cake

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Rainforest Alliance for Kids

Kids' Corner is for fun, games and stories for kids, they won't even know they are learning!

Track it Back is great game for kids to "follow" where chocolate, bananas and coffee actually comes from.

Kids, here are some easy ways you can help save the Rainforest!  How many of these do you already do?

Ask your parents to buy foods - like bananas and coffee - that are grown in a
sustainable way -- In a way that is safe for the environment, for wildlife, and for

Ask your school to buy environmentally friendly paper.
Read and learn about other people and tribes that depend on the rain forest for food and shelter.
Use less paperre-use paper instead of throwing it out. Cut it up to use as a
notepad, or recycle the paper you use. Ask your parents and teacher about how
they recycle their paper.

Create a skit, write a story, or decorate your classroom/dining room to look like a real rainforest.  See how much research you can do to learn about the rainforest before presenting!

Can you find all of the rainforests around the planet?

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Today’s kids are the leaders of tomorrow, so it’s important to teach them to become thoughtful consumers who care about where their food comes from and its impact on the planet. This Earth Day, educate your kids about where some of their favorite foods come from, like chocolate and bananas, and the journey they take to reach your supermarket shelves. - Rainforest Alliance

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