Easter Fun!

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We coloured our eggs a little late this year, mostly from being quite busy I hadn't put too much thought into it what exactly we were doing. We bought the cutest monster themed kit and a neon kit, yes, I know what you are thinking..  ohhhh, she didn't colour them naturally..*booo * hiss*. LOL, yes yes I know. :( Well, we moms get busy and are not "perfect" with everything, nor should we be and sometimes it just has to be about family, fun and celebrating! And oh the fun we had and we have come to realize that colouring eggs with older children is a bit more...inventive, we'll say! So, we thought we would share some eggie friends with you.

Here we have Ron from Harry Potter! LOL...my favourite I think.

and here we have Island Eggie, so chic!

Jack Sparrow Pirate!
Twilight Eggie!

Let's see hubby says this is Captain America, I think it looks more like a lovely Dr. Seuss Eggie!

I have NO idea, don't ask.

Once and a while you have to "mix-it up" and do things a little different so this year instead of a "traditional" Easter dinner,  we are having a taco dinner with black beans, cheese, organic blue corn chips, fresh salsa, avocados, onions, peppers, rice (think I forgot something).  I think it will add some fun and excitement and that is always good.

What are some of your family traditions for Easter?  Do you ever start new family traditions?

We hope you all have a wonderful and most blessed Easter. 

Happy Easter to you and your family!