Tips to spice up your parties!

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It is almost summer and to me that is the best time for parties!  Some parties are lovely, planned and prepared for with invitations, decorations and cooked for, days in advance.  However, I think the very best parties are impromptu and spontaneous

Some fun tips to spice up your party!

Have "fun" food in your freezer.  Stock up on several different kinds of ready-to-go snacks. Try the new Farm Rich Queso Cheese Bites!

Always have a quick and easy go-to recipe that only a few ingredients are needed to spice up your party!
Have a party stash.  In a spare drawer or container have fun things you have maybe picked up on sale:  party cups, craft sets for kids, blow-up beach ball, bubbles (yes, for all ages :), outside candles, throw some leis on everyone...instant party!

Have your playlist ready!  Have a "party" playlist already loaded on your ipod full of fun music.  We like islandy music (big surprise I'm sure :)

Have an outfit or shirt that you love the way you look in ready.  Yes, at all times! :)

To spice up your party the best thing to do, is relax. The house does not have to be perfect, no one really cares they just want to hang out with you and your family!

Farm Rich has lots of fabulous ready to go snacks;  mozzarella bites, pizza slices, stuffed pretzel bites, jalapeno peppers and more!  Check out their website: they have fun, kid stuff, coupons and fun information about their Farm Rich company

I love that Farm Rich Snacks is based in St. Simons Island, Georgia!

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