Super Hero and Tropical Ice Lolli Recipes for Kids!

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Here are our delicious and oh-so healthy recipes that are featured in the 
summer edition of Green Child Magazine!

Ice Lollies, in the summer are an absolute must, but the sugar, additives and fake colouring are not. Get the kids and make these together, easy and fun! These are some of our favourite combinations, always use organic ingredients if possible.

Buggie ice pop molds are so perfect for summer fun!
Tropical Ice Lollies!
1/2 cup frozen mangoes
1/2 cup 70% chocolate chips
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup of Silk Fruit Protein "Juice"

Put all of the ingredients in a food processor or blender and give a whirl until blended well. (about 40 seconds)
The frozen mangos in this make it perfect if you want to have right away (it is sometimes hard for little ones to wait) for a slushie. Otherwise, put into your ice-lolli molds. They take about 3 hours to freeze, then enjoy!

The Super Hero ice lollies are the perfect treat after a hot afternoon hike in the sun!

Super Hero Ice Pops!
1 cup of organic greek yogurt - I use Stonyfield Organic
1/2 fresh spinach leaves (the super hero colour!)
1 tablespoon of raw organic wild honey
1 medium banana
optional - add 2 teas of hemp seeds for extra protein

Blend in food processor or mixer freeze until frozen and enjoy! The kids think the green color is fun and you cannot really taste the spinach.
What combinations can you and your kids create...oh, the colours you can make!  All you need is fresh, organic ingredients and ice lollie molds and you are good to go. 

Happy Summer!

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Happy Weekend, Lovelies!


I LOVE those buggie ice pop molds! I see they are made by Tovolo, but do you have any idea where you can buy them? I have the Tovolo rocket ice pop molds and they are great fun.

candyland121 at hotmail dot com
Nicki said…
Yes, we have the rocket ones as well! The buggie pops are on Amazon (I put the link with the pic) I haven't seen them in the stores at all!! (I've looked!) Thank you for commenting and have a fantastic weekend! :D
Stacy said…
These molds are so cute!
Unknown said…
What fun shapes your pops are! I love the bug!
Unknown said…
Oh my goodness, I NEED to get those buggie ice pop molds! My kindergartener is crazy about ladybugs! I appreciate the healthy pop recipes too.