Back-to-School with Green Child Magazine!

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The new back-to-school issue of Green Child Magazine is out and Tristin and Tyler are on the cover, looking so fabulously stylish!  This edition is full of and fun information and helpful articles. 

For moms, I love the meal planning tips by Kim at Your Green Baby and Mothering with Mindfulness.  For the kids  Tristin and Tyler's videos, the twins go on adventures and they love to teach your kids how to cook...healthy plum donuts! Fabulous.

Check out the new issue of Green Child Magazine.  Enjoy!


I love that front cover photo! Those kids are adorable :-)
Nicki said…
I know, LOL!! Have you seen their videos? The link is on the article. They are very cool, their videos are geared toward kids! Let me know what you think :D
Thanks for spreading the word about us!! We love Green Child Mag and are SUPER honored to be on the cover! YAY!!
Nicki said…
Absolutely love the pic they are so sweet!