Just A Normal Busy Day For Mom!

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If anyone says "Oh, you're just a mom" instead of throwing something at them. Remind them that there is no other job that will ever be more important

Moms do more before lunch than most people do in a week!

Just A Normal "Busy" Day!

Momma called, or rather IM'ed me because I don't have time to pick up the phone, this morning and asked what I had going on today? 

Thought I would share it with you. Are you ready?

Workout in the morning.

Write for 2-3 hours before kiddos wake up. This includes everything social media, including Pinning for several different sites.

Publish article for the magazine.

Silently swear at the computer for not being faster and not being able to buy new.

Scratch that and say a thankful prayer that you have a computer at all.

Post on my own site. (does this post count?)

Make a batch of pancakes, working on a new recipe so taking pictures are involved.

Start laundry, they'll be about 5 loads today. It's a light day ;)

Start the dishwasher...it barely works, so they'll be dishes to wash by hand after that.

Brush my teeth. (do I really have time for that?)

Wipe up the smashed raisins on the floor. (yes, they're organic) Never mind - have the dog eat it off the floor.

Change diapers, pick laundry up off the floor

Locate the dirty diaper that must be in the room somewhere...can't stand the smell any longer!

Play with kids, build a fort and build a tower with blocks.

Talk, laugh and remind the children how very much they are loved!

Answer the phone when the local new channel calls to do interview. Trying to stop chemical spraying of my neighborhood is quite time consuming. But, my family's health is worth it.

This does remind me, work out earlier tomorrow to avoid ugly looks from the president of the neighborhood association.

Try not to think about how many pounds the camera adds. ("How many cameras are actually  ON you?" if you don't watch Friends, this part probably isn't funny)

Note to self, do not forget to eat today.

Brush hair. (maybe) or perhaps it will be my purple running hat day. I've tweeted about it, have you read them? Birds and dragonflies regularly attack it. Is it the colour? Is this normal? No idea. Note to self...look that up.
Change out the loads of laundry, absolutely amazing how much laundry kids can go through.

Clean out room to be designed this weekend.

Answer fourteen emails.

Sweep the floor, no...just put little towels on doggie's feet...he'll do it.

Now for nap time (little one, not me)...


Don't forget to relax and be kind to yourself this weekend, you most certainly deserve it!
Enjoy the day.


The Mommist said…
I feel tired just by reading about your day's events! I hope you get a much needed rest after all that. Awesome post!

I hate when people say that. I despise the look that they give you when they say "oh, you're just a mom". I reply with, "yeah and I'm proud to be one!" What I really want to say is "peabrain, I have the utmost capability to educate an entire generation".
Nicki said…
LOL, oh I think you get the best comment award! Thanks so much, needed that after coming across some rather snarky people this week :D
Where has your blog been all these years?!? Apparently not in my feed. But it is now! I love this post because it sums up my own to-do list on any given day. I love being a SAHM (I've been one for nearly 7years) and you would think the monotony would kill me though, somehow every day is a unique mess. :)