Cooking Fun with Toddlers!

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One of the best parts of cooking  is getting your kids involved in the fun!

Get them a bowl of flour.

An inexpensive plastic shaker of cinnamon.

A spoon and whatever else is fun to mix with.

Mix well.

Tiny bowls are so much fun!

Adding some sugar.
Yes, there are messes.

But, wait 'til you hear the talking and singing that come with toddlers cooking.
Tasting flour, however, is not fun.

Enjoy your weekend and play!


We like to give the wee ones dry noodles to play with while we're cooking. We just got the Learning Tower out of the attic for my daughter to use. I set her up with two plastic containers, a measuring spoon, and some chow mein noodles. She enjoyed transferring them from one cup to cup and snacking on them while she worked.
Stacy said…
This was such a cute post! :)
Nicki said…
Thank you so much, so glad you liked it :D Tried to crop out my VERY messy kitchen ;) Also...great idea about the noodles. We use dried beans to play with...and noodles we have used for painting and stuff like that. I like your idea better..going to try it! Thanks so much and happy holiday weekend to you both!