Take the It Can Wait Texting Pledge!

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Every time I go out I have to swerve at least once to avoid someone not driving safely, because they are either texting or chatting on their cell phones. Every time. And I must say the majority of the time it is moms, dads and young adults...not teens, doing the driving and texting

There is no text or phone call that cannot wait!  If your kid's are at home with a sitter, then pull over or call when you get there. 

In my opinion texting and/or talking on the phone when you are with your spouse and/or with the kids is just rude.  You are in the car together.  Enjoy each other. Talk. LaughChat about your day, ask them about theirs and listen to what they are saying. 

Manners matter.  And in this case - bad manners are down right dangerous!

So join me and take the pledge to NEVER text and/or talk while you drive!  Your kids thank you for both setting a good example and keeping them safe.

Here are a few things you can do to bring awareness to others and perhaps remind yourself!
Go to www.itcanwait.org and take the pledge – we’re trying to get as many pledges as we can by Sept. 19, “No Text on Board Pledge Day”.

Download the online banner at www.twibbon.com/itcanwait and add it to your profile picture on Twitter and/or Facebook. Just follow the easy on-screen instructions.

Share the message and links with your friends, family, and followers using #itcanwait and tag @ATT.

Download the free DriveMode app available now for Android and BB (more platforms to come).  It was conceived by an employee whose life was affected by texting while driving.  Videoshere.
 The campaign starts as students head back to school, and focuses on Sept. 19, No Text on Board Pledge Day, when everyone is urged to make a lifelong commitment to never text and drive.

Texting and driving should be as unacceptable as drinking and driving.