Ultra-Soft or Ultra-Strong?

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Charmin is running a contest where you can vote for ultra-soft or ultra-strong.  It got me thinking...they're totally different.  Aren't they?  Being soft and strong is something moms know plenty about.  One day, or even one moment, we are soft and tender with our children.  And in an instant we can be strong, and really must be strong.  We must say no when we have to, to keep them safe.

I am very strong with my family when it comes to food.  Anything regarding food is thought through.   This is sometimes hard to do when friends or other relatives eat...whatever.  Real food, whole food is something I think we have come to take for granted in our society.  We want fast and easy, which is...easier yes.  The results from processed and GMO food are having a devestating effect on our children and society.   There is little more important than what you will teach your kids about whole food and it's benefits to our current and future health. 

I am soft when I can be.  Not everything should be a battle when it comes to kids.  I don't lose it when their room is not cleaned up perfectly.  When laundry was "forgotten" to be picked up off of the bathroom floor.  Somethings just take time, and in the grand scheme of things, are just not important.  Say yes when you can! :)

What are you "soft" about?  What are you "strong" about?


Whether you’re a fan of Charmin’s comfort and softness or strength and durability, you can’t go wrong. Fans are encouraged to participate in regular debate questions on Facebook, sharing how they “enjoy the go.” As a Facebook fan, you will also have the opportunity to win weekly prizes, including a year’s supply of Charmin. Not sure which side to vote for? Take their online quiz and watch the Charmin debate videos by visiting http://facebook.com/Charmin.

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I voted! We're an Ultra Soft family (because Mom says so!!).
Nicki said…
Yay! Thank you for reading and happy, happy weekend!!