Yep, Pretty Much a Normal Weekend For Me.

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Yep, pretty much a normal weekend for me.

This is how we eat organic greek yogurt at our house. 

Got through an entire morning workout before I realized my t-shirt was on inside-out and backwards.

Actually went to the market to pick up a few groceries and noticed in the middle of the store I was wearing my husband's boxers underneath my yoga pants. I'm not quite sure if I am embarrassed from wearing what has to be the most UNflattering thing for one to wear underneath yoga pants or because no one noticed.  - Hey, it was laundry day, I was tired and the clean laundry was where the little one was sleeping....what other excuse can I come up with? Like you've never done that? Ha. 

I called my mom and she said she could only talk for exactly two minutes because the Kardashians (am I the only one who has never seen this show?) were coming on.  Just a note: She was not kidding because after exactly two minutes, she said "Gotta go" and hung up the phone.

I spewed green tea all over my keyboard laughing so hard at something I was writing.  (I thought myself so funny in fact, I submitted the article to Babble)

Had to tell my child (again) to not eat off the floor.  And I do mean off the floor. Not picking food up with hands, but eating like a dog off the floor.  Why must I keep asking this?

My broom broke and I had to sweep my floor with the bottom two-foot piece of it.  I can't even get into this one.

Had to explain to husband that watching the little one and watching golf on TV were not the same thing.

Hope you enjoyed our weekend adventures.  Enjoy your week, Lovelies!