Launch Party for DigDeep Water Project!

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If you are in or near L.A. you are invited to a spectacular event for a most important cause.  Clean water for all.  Dig Deep Water Projects focuses on the basic of all humans - clean water.  With clean water and proper sanitation, the vast majority of illnesses and diseases in these countries would greatly diminish!  If you are not in the area, you can still help.  Please check out Dig Deep for more information.

DigDeep ( was started based upon the belief that all people should have access to clean water as a basic human right. The founder, George McGraw, is a human rights lawyer who worked for the UN on global water projects before he quickly learned that most water non-profits do not think about the long-term sustainability of their projects which has dire effects on the people they are trying to help.

By focusing on long-term sustainability, DigDeep gives communities access to a resource that greatly benefits their health, education, agriculture, etc for years to come. In addition, DigDeep is the only water non-profit with projects serving people within the United States.

Please reserve your tickets here!