Building Fun with KRE-O TRANSFORMERS!

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Hasbro's KRE-O Transformers!
KRE-O Transformers have arrived, just in time for the holidays!  Our whole family absolutely loves creative toys and Transformers, for that matter. Building toys that inspire the imagination.  Toys to create with - with no batteries. *bliss*

I believe KRE-O Transformers to be the perfect mix for moms and kids.  Creative, for moms,  with the Transformer theme for the kids.  A great union!  Also, I do not believe either building blocks nor  Transformers to be a "boy" toy.  In my experience (I am not a new mom ;) boys and girls, given the opportunity - absolutely love dramatic play from playing house to building and using their imagination!  It nurtures their minds in a way that no other toys do - at every age!

My daughter spent quality time talking, laughing and creating these Transformers with her dad (and by herself as well).  So much more meaningful than watching TV, doing nothing.  They built and little one, played!  The instructions are easy to follow, but I do love the concentration that building with KRE-O involves, so important for kids to focus in when they are interested in something. 

The following pictures are courtesy of my kiddo!

The construction team getting ready to fend off the decepticons! Oh noooo!

The Destruction Site Devastator KRE-O Transformer Set!  I have to point out - unlike other building sets, Hasbro includes plenty of pieces, figures and accessories within each package!  (the Destruction Site Devastator has 560 pieces (6 figures) and the small sets have 4 figures and  80 pieces).  I find it to be great value for less money than other brands.  (Nice feature to have especially in this economy around the holidays!)

Surrounded by the Decepticons!
Everyone in the family loves all of the Transformer movies and to have a building set to act out play just adds to the fun!
Happy Christmas to you and your family!

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This post is sponsored and compensated by Hasbro and Mom it Forward, to which I am very thankful for providing a quality product that I am more than happy to write about!  Opinions are my own - my kids absolutely loved these sets! (all ages + my husband!)