Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

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If money or time has been tight this season, consider these last minute gifts and packaging!

We have had this stacking and building game for a couple years and have only played it once. I had it out to give away, then thought how lovely the pieces would look painted...they are blocks after all.

We tried out several different kinds of paint - Glob Natural Paints, acrylic paint and a water-proof paint....all came out fabulously different. 
 Tween likes the bright acrylic ones and I really liked the natural affect of Glob.

Waiting for paint to dry :D
The blocks came out so gorgeous and we had such a fun time painting them!
I had some brown shipping paper from a package, wrapped our present, put lovely colourful ribbon on came and waalaa - absolutely gorgeous! So eco-chic! ;D
Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas lovelies!