Rainforest Alliance, Moms and Happy Holidays!

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Happy Christmas, Moms.  This holiday season perhaps skip the extra stocking stuffer (that breaks within the first five minutes anyway and will end up in a landfill :) and support Rainforest Alliance
 A healthy planet means healthy children.  We cannot have one without the other.

There's more to the Rainforest Alliance than saving trees.

By working to conserve endangered forests, they are saving the endangered animals that depend on those forests as their natural habitat. They are also protecting the livelihoods of communities that depend on rainforests for their survival.

And perhaps most importantly, by conserving the forests that we all depend on as a major stopgap against climate change, we're saving ourselves and all the generations that will come after us.

To do that, though, they need the continued support of the grassroots community.

Become a member of the Rainforest Alliance. Give $5 today to help us conserve endangered forests and all the life they support.
Do your part. Become a member now.

The key to our success is the practical approach of our work.

All of the world's economies, large and small, rely on forests. To fight for an abrupt end to logging would be as irresponsible as it would be ineffective. Instead, we work with the millions of people -- often impoverished -- who earn their living from forests, to ensure they employ sustainable, environmentally sound practices.

This strategy is working, but we're far from finished. Join us today -- give $5 to become a member of the Rainforest Alliance:


 I personally support the Rainforest Alliance - in hopes that the GMO crops will not take over the earth's rainforests. Support and buy products with the little froggie!

this in not a compensated post in any way - pictures and info via Rainforest Alliance