Beets Are My Favorite!

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Growing up I just knew beets were disgusting (I had only tried them once).  They were not a veggie that I wanted to create new dishes with.  Oh, how wrong I was!  Beets are now my favorite and my best!  Do you know they make everything a gorgeous pink?  I make pink pizza with them and this sauteed version is one of our favorite family dishes!   My husband walked in the other night while I was cooking and said "yum, beets!" stopped with a strange look and said "there's something I never thought I would say".
Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Pick out some fabulous organic beets and carrots!

Cubed beets and carrots on   Bambu cutting board!

I have tried other brands of balsamic vinegar and they just do not taste as delicious as Newman's Own Organics! ( I am slightly addicted to it now ;)  Saute the beets and carrots until soft, add the Rosemary, and a twist of sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Beets, carrots, olive oil, dried Rosemary (use fresh if you have it) and organic balsamic vinegar are the perfect dinner combination!  Put on rice or pasta with extra olive oil.

I had originally received a bottle of the Newman's Own vinegar so I could try it.  However, that was long gone...and I am on my third large bottle now!  Paperless Kitchen  provide my fabulous and now favorite Bambu cutting board!  No  compensation was provided.