How To Sew A Button for Tweens!

It is the simplest things we forget sometimes or take for granted “everyone knows that” attitude. I am going to teach, or rather attempt to teach how to sew a button. It is not the most glamorous things to teach your tween or teen, but important nonetheless.

First thing you need a button (of course), you need thread either matching and a coordinating color. You need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape if you need it a certain measurement.

You thread the needle and tie a small knot at the opposite end.

When you have this done – hold the button exactly where you want it, start the threaded needle from the underneath of the button on the material. Basically continue this about six times then switch to the other two openings. (some buttons only have two openings if that is so, then go to next step)

After sewing each side of openings when needle is underneath the cloth, tie it off by doing two stitches just on the cloth itself.   Cut any extra strings off and you’re done!

A little practice and if you get a stitch off here or there. No worries, it will go unnoticed and button will stay on just the same!

My post originally appeared on Homegrown Mom