Making Valentine's Day Garland with Recycled Packaging!

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This week we saved our packaging and made Heart Garland for Valentine's Day!

Super easy and fun  - We bought ribbon from the Christmas section at Target, so it was about twenty-five cents for a roll of it and we already had glue.  

We saved our packaging from take-out and grocery shopping for a week or so.

Using a heart cookie cutter we cut out hearts.  The little hearts we drew by hand.  Place ribbon or string in the middle of the heart and  cover entire heart with glue from glue stick.  Place another heart on top and press.  Leave some empty string and move your way up.  Let dry and then hang from ceiling at desired length!

We did entire string from the same packaging, so we had brown and red paper strings.

 The heart strings from the Annie's Pizza packages are such fun with red and white!

The kid's favorites were the Plum Kids Mashups - tiny hearts drawn out by them with red, white with a splash of pink!

Gorgeous fun!

Get it?  "I heart pizza."  Oh, it makes me giggle - the wittiness :D

Using glue sticks instead of regular glue makes them less weighty.  However, both will work.   (anyone in the mood for a smoothie!)

Red ribbon for the brown packaging.

Tiny hearts from the small sides of the Mashups package.
We did our entire dinning room!

Easy, fun and festive with almost no money involved, you and your kiddo's will love it!

What kinds of crafts do you and your kids like to create for Valentine's Day?


LadyFidza said…
I love your ideas in making the cute pieces of hearts from the recycled packaging. I want to make something similar to this on V-Day! :) Thanks for sharing.
Dana Pugsley said…
I think it is a great idea to use recycled products to make new decorations And they look so easy to make too! Thanks for sharing the ideas and great pics!
dani said…
i made these for valentine's day out of a bunch of whole foods bags i have lying around my apartment! they looked great! thanks for this post :)
Nicki said…
Oh, thank you so much for telling me and so very glad you enjoyed! Whole Food bags would be perfect too. Saw your blog...very cute and love the paper beads!