Sand-Between-the-Toes Dough for Little Ones!

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One of our favorite all-time poems is Sand Between the Toes, from When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne.  Each child has liked it around the age of two.  So much so that they have it memorized.  We have three favorites out of the book that we have read every night for years - The Island, Sand Between the Toes and Knights-in-Armour.  Right now with the little one we are reading it every night.  

With the yuckie weather and being stuck inside we decided to have sand between our toes and make our own Sand Dough!  It is basically Cloud Dough with whole wheat flour.  

Gather your ingredients:
Oil and whole wheat flour
Pour 8 cups of flour and add 1 3/4 cups of oil (you may need to add a bit more of oil or flour - until you get the right feel).  Tips: Store your flour in the fridge so it feels even more like wet sand. Also,  there is no need to use your fabulous grapeseed oil and/or olive oil.  I first made it with grapeseed and may I say...It was an expensive batch of sand!  For this batch I bought canola oil and whole wheat store brand.  Turned out great.  Save your yummie oils for eating :D

Mixed and ready to play!

The kids had fun gathering tropical accessories.  
We seem to have loads of them.

Little one's absolute favorite part?  Sand between the toes, of course! 
Oh, the laughs and smiles!

We made our own beach umbrella out of a paper straw and cupcake liner.  
Cut slit on the top of the straw, flair out and tape to bottom of liner.

Just another day at the beach, surfing included.

At some point the sand feels so cool that you just have to climb in!

Sand between the fingers!

Surfing monkey.

Cold, wet sand feels delicious between your toes!

Sand between your toes on your favorite beach towel.  
What could be better?

Next week we are bringing the little pool in and filling it with Sand Dough (no, I am not kidding, I've already bought the flour).  

Putting our feet in and drinking our little umbrella drinks.
Is it summer yet?

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Janet said…
For little ones? How about for big ones like me? :) :)
It's been a few years since I felt sand between my toes!