UNREAL Candy & Moms Are Sending Target A Message!

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UNREAL Candy is a new company with an absolutely outstanding product.  Candy with no GMOs, no ingredients that are nasty and fake - that you cannot pronounce, no HFCS and less sugar.  We have not bought candy in years and my kids are super happy (my lovely hubby is happiest) that we can have candy again.  I avoid everything fake and not a clean food and "regular" candy is absolutely full of it.  Blech.

I am pleased to announce that after multiple calls to Target.  Target is now carrying UNREAL Candy! Woot!  Okay, so maybe it wasn't all me, the fact is that moms have power.  We vote for something every single time we buy something.  Every time.   I my voting for candy and all foods with NO-GMOs, NO HFCS, NO JUNK.  Our children's and our own health depends on it.  Let Target know that moms support their decision to offer foods with no GMOs, no HFCS, no artificial ingredients!  

We can and should demand that ALL foods are pure, clean and natural without gmo's.
Please join UNREAL and moms send Target a message that moms demand more for our families!
What are you voting for?