Sensory Play with Mama May i!

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I had a great idea for this post, I even ordered a fun colorful bin online to show how great sensory play is and wanted to show these great toys from Mama May i shop "perfectly" pictured.  

However, as soon as I opened the treats from Mama May i, little one was mesmerized and had so much fun, that these are the pictures I am posting, hoping that you can see his joy. :) Even with everything messy from a day of playing!

Pictured here are the Color Sorting Bowls and the Rainbow Nest.  There are eighteen eggs, a bowl and a small scoop with the Rainbow Nest set and six bowls in the Sorting Bowl set. 

Little one is captivated with the feel, color and size of the bowls.  
Toys are completely non-toxic, with zero nasties!

Using the different color bowls and eggs, we practiced colors, counting and stacking.  We put twelve eggs in one bowl before they started to topple over. 
Stacking bowls is fun!
Practicing color sorting (we still need work on that ;) 
And don't you love the foodie tee-shirt? 

Little one telling me about the eggs.  The scoop is a HUGE hit!

Little one played for forty minutes (which is a record for any one toy or playing with anything for that matter) with these.  And he plays with them "cooking" in his kitchen...every day.
Chick A Dee in Green fabulous for Easter fun.
The eggs are small and it is recommended that you play with your kids, especially if your kiddo has a habit of popping things in his/her mouth.  Each set of toys comes in a pretty mesh bag, for convenience purposes though we keep our Rainbow Egg set in a reusable date container from the market.
Easter is coming up and I cannot think of a more lovely gift than something from Mama May i.  I have a few things on my must-have list! (okay, so maybe it's more than a few things...more like a page of things :) 

Little one on a different day "cooking" with his Rainbow Bowls!

Enjoy and happy spring to you!

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Huge thank yous to Mama May i for providing the treats in this post (no other compensation was received). Opinions and happy kids are mine!