Valentine's Day Movies For All of You!

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I thought I would do a quick post on Valentine's Day movies for both of you!  I have never understood the popular "romantic" movie choices for Valentine's Day.  They always include the same sad, boring group of movies.  I am not sure about you, but watching The Notebook does not put me in a romantical mood!  It makes me cry, grab my blankie and a carton of ice cream (organic of course) and curl up on the sofa sobbing with snot and tears running down my face.  This is not a super fun way to spend Valentine's Day or a much needed date night with your husband! 

So here is a group of movies that won't make you depressed, eat excessively and sob.  Enjoy! :D

Knight and Day with Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz, is funny, full of action with a bit a romance thrown in for good measure! 

Having a bit of trouble in your marriage? :) Try Couples Retreat.  This movie makes me laugh-out-loud.  Great cast, laughs and fun, albiet a little inappropriate humor at times, but this one is too fun to miss! 
Letters to Juliet for the whole family.  A fabulous and fun movie with nothing inappropriate (how refreshing) for your tween / teen girls!!  The scenery is amazing!

Please understand, I am not normally a "musical" movie watcher.  However, if you are by yourself for Valentine's Day and need a pick me up - this is it!  And if you don't laugh, jump on the sofa and sing along, you may be doing it wrong! ;)  So much fun, laughs and humor and hey, Meryl is not to be missed in this one!

Happy, Happy FUN Valentine's Day Lovelies!!

There are Amazon links on this, but they are available to rent or stream everywhere.


Sadie said…
These are great movies for Valentine's Day or any day. We love Couples Retreat the best.
Sadie B