Green Eggs and Prosciutto!

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Green eggs and prosciutto, kind of like green eggs and ham...Italian style (and better in my opinion).

We have been traveling for most of the month and have found it quite hard to eat healthy like we normal do and have had enough of take out pizza for quite a while!  For cooking I have been using stock apartment pans and kitchenware (blech).  I am reminded how much I absolutely love my Cuisinart French cookware and my Wusthof Knives and how great cookware, can make all the difference!

In an effort to get some extra nutrients in my kids, I bought some Plum Sweet Peas,  goat cheese, organic eggs and prosciutto at the market and made a special breakfast, perfect for St. Patrick's Day weekend.

Plum Organics just sweet peas, goat cheese, prosciutto, jam, barley bread and coffee - breakfast of champions!  If you have not had prosciutto, you are missing out!  It is Italian ham and it is a not-to-be-missed treat.

Cook your prosciutto, then set aside.  In same pan you are going to cook your eggs.
Crack four organic medium eggs into bowl and scramble with a fork.  Add pouch of Plum Organic just peas and cook.
Sprinkle goat cheese on to cooked eggs.

Add medjool dates, orange slices,  barley toast, prosciutto and eggs and you have an easy and absolutely delicious healthy breakfast!  Lemon water is also a healthy way to start your day and coffee...well, I don't start my day without it!
Little one won't wait any longer for the prosciutto!

Enjoy and Happy St. Patrick's Day


Stacy said…
This looks tasty & it's so creative! I love your recipes! :)
Yoli said…
Seems easy enough -- will try this today!
Elena said…
I like goat cheese...It seems easy, I'll enjoyed tomorrow morning!
Not sure if I could get my kids to eat the eggs. They are being really picky these days.
Nicki said…
Thanks so much, the eggs are relish (you can't taste the peas) of course I love anything with goat cheese on it!! Thanks for reading! :)
Osito said…
I never thought to add peas to make the eggs green! Great idea!
Unknown said…
Great idea to make the eggs green! I'm allergic to peas, maybe I could use a broccoli pouch?
Nicki said…
Yes, add the broccoli pouch...the peas were greener so I used them. But, broccoli is perfect!
Susie Buetow said…
what a great way to color the eggs. I love it much butter than green food coloring. WTG, Mama!
Nicki said…
Hi Susie, Thanks so much... I am NOT a fan of fake food coloring and it's so much healthier this way...and delish :D