Mega Bloks First Builders Toddler Fun!

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With Easter coming up, why not skip some of the candy and add a set of Mega Bloks First Builders for your little ones?!

We have be traveling for most the month and had only brought a few books and movies along.  Needless to say this did not keep little one busy for too long.  A helpful little tidbit of information: if your toddler is not busy, their behavior will show it!  (Yes, I knew this, but apparently forgot ;)
We went to the nearest Target (available everywhere, we just went to the closest store!) and shopped the toy aisle and looked in the building blocks section.  We had tried some building blocks at home that had been leftover from the older kids, however,  little one was never amused.  They were frustrating and he could not get them on to stay by himself.   Target had a big bag of Mega Bloks First Builders.  The Mega Bloks looked different and were bigger than other brands, so we thought we would try them.  The tote also make this a perfect traveling choice!

This purchase proved to be an absolutely brilliant one!  Little one was so focused on the Mega Bloks and he could build and create right away.  The top part that connects the bloks are a bit rounded and so much easier than the other building blocks we had tried.  This one bag kept him happy for the rest of the trip.  
Best Bloks Ever! (seriously)

Coming home and finding an offer to review and show my readers Mega Bloks First Builders in my incoming messages,  could not have come at a better time! 
This bag has bright pink & blue, island green - our favorite colors!

Focused and learning.

So you know, this is Mega Bloks Steer Me Steve Truck can "drive/fall" repeatedly down hardwood stairs and be totally fine.  This is also apparently great fun for little ones!?
Big sis is happy to help build!

Look what they created!

I highly recommend Mega Bloks First Builders, we could not be more pleased!  

For more information - Check out Mega Blok's First Builders website.

I was provided with Mega Bloks for review purposes.  No other compensation was given.  Opinions are my own. (the first set of Mega Bloks in my review,  I purchased from Target whilst on a traveling adventure)