Not A Jewelry Kind of Girl...

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Mother's Day is coming up and I know that the commercials on TV (I do not actually watch TV) are going bonkers with "if you love the mother of your children, you'll buy her jewelry for Mother's Day" commercials.  I have never understood this.  When I was younger, I thought...perhaps I will be a jewelry kind-of-girl when I am a grown-up.  I will let you know.  So far - Nope. I am not.

I am a foodie and a crunchy mom.  You wanna see me freak out and get excited buy me something from Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table or TOMS Shoes website (something in a classic or pink wedge please).

I recently bought myself (yay me ;) a coffee grinder and some Weck jars at Williams Sonoma.  My husband never seems unamused at my giddiness with such self-gifts!  I do a little dance and laugh-out-loud when my new Cuisinart coffee grinder makes my Whole Foods coffee beans perfect in a couple of seconds.  Every morning.

Oh, that reminds me - a Whole Foods gift card for me is a jewelry girl equivalent of a Tiffany's Tennis Bracelet (I am not actually sure what that is, but hear it is lovely).

So, lovely husbands, when you go to buy a gift for your lovely, keep HER in mind.  Do not buy into what society says "women want"....because some of us...are not a  jewelry kind of girl!

No, this is most certainly not a sponsored post.  However, if TOMS, Whole Foods or Williams Sonoma or Sur la Table want to send me some lovelies...I would do a little dance! (size 8 in shoes please).  


I was a jewelry kind of girl in high school, but can't be bothered to pick a whole new assortment of jewelry every morning before work now. Plus, ALL of my jewelry was stolen from my home after a break-in a few years ago. I haven't bothered to replace to much of it. I have a spa weakness, though, but hate to pay for it. That's what I need a gift certificate for at Mother's Day (which is the weekend after my anniversary and about 3 weeks before my birthday - so it better be a big gift certificate!)
Janet said…
My sisters would always tell me...ohhh you'll like makeup and jewelry when you grow up. Nope, didn't happen. SO GLAD!