TOMS' One Day Without Shoes!

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Good morning lovlies!  Today is TOMS' annual One Day Without Shoes - bringing global awareness to children's health and education by going without shoes!
I am very careful with campaigns and purchases I make and where exactly the money is going to.  In my opinion people in third world countries do not need mass amounts of medicines and pharmaceuticals.  They need and deserve clean water, real food and shoes on their feet.  With these basic life necessities the vast amount of sicknesses and health issues of the world would be obsolete.  So as we do every year, we are going barefoot today and then tomorrow it is back to my ever so chic TOMS!

This is not a paid post.  However, if TOMS Shoes should see this and decide what a lovely brand ambassador I would be.  I would be ever-so pleased to receive these pink hemp wedges & Earthwise pink vegan that I feel I must have.  It is also my birthday soon...does that help? (size 7 1/2 *hint* ;)


I love your note below the post! Hopefully TOMS will take note and make you a brand ambassador if for no other reason that your fabulous taste in shoes. I love both pair you picked! (Surprised they were pink and not orange, though!)
Nicki said…
OMG you are so funny! Agreed I must-have the pink hemp wedges and I already have the orange outreach series on their way! And thank you so much for the lovely comments! I have the best reader moms! Happy weekend to you :)