Cooking With Stonyfield Organic Yogurt!

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I am a Stonyfield Brand Ambassador, however this is not a sponsored post. 

As you may know, I absolutely love to cook with organic yogurt, especially Greek Yogurt!  Stonyfield Yogurt just sent me this substitution chart and I couldn't wait to share it with you! 

I use all of these substitution and of course create my own!  Cooking with yogurt is fun and can make your yummy recipes even healthier!

Whether you buy Stonyfield Yogurts or not.  Please always try to buy your dairy products organic!  Between the hormones and the animals eating GMO feed...this is one thing I stick to and is so important!   Remember you vote for a product everytime you buy it.  Everytime.  So make your votes healthy and non-GMO!  Your children's (and yours) health will thank you!

 I am a Stonyfield Clean Plate Blogger and Yo-Getter!  However, this is not a sponsored post.  


Call Me PMc said…
oh, I love yogurt!
Nicki said…
Me too! I bake with it all the time!