Quinoa Summer Salad!

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Today's post is a new dish and recipe.  Not sponsored.

My Quinoa Summer Salad!

I have not cooked too much with quinoa and I am now slightly obsessed with it!  Quinoa is so versatile - hot or cold, delicious and healthy - basically everything I look for in new foods to create recipes with!

I made a package of quinoa and used Gwyneth Paltrow's  It's All Good new cookbook  instructions for perfect quinoa.  Yes, it worked and came out perfect! 


2 Cups Cooked Organic Quinoa
1 Large Cucumber Diced (you can leave the peel on, but I like most of the peel off)
1 Small Avocado ( perfectly ripe, makes all the difference)
3 Large Pieces of Dried Unsulphured Mangoes
1 Tomato (non GMO)
3 Branches of Italian Parsley (so nutritious)
3-4 Tablespoons of Organic Olive Oil 
Optional topping - Add a Dollop Organic Greek Yogurt Plain

Dice your ingredients and add on top of your cooled quinoa.  
Add olive oil to taste and a dollop of Organic Greek Yogurt if you choose.
Hot or Cold this is - 
Summer Perfect!

Quinoa summer salad is so simple and light - perfect for a hot summer day.

My leftovers in my Weck Jar (love these)!

My notes:

My Gwyneth Paltrow cookbook is mine, a birthday gift (not sponsored)
And YES I absolutely love it and highly recommend it and it is one of my must-have travel books.

Yes, I am an ambassador for Stonyfield Organic Yogurt, so I do recommend their yogurt.  However,  whether you purchase Stonyfield or not - always purchase organic when it comes to dairy products.

As always, I buy organic, Fair Trade and NON-GMO as often as possible!


I have a recipe for a cranberry quinoa salad open on my iPad. We're supposed to make it for dinner one day soon, but we haven't quite worked it into the menu. Since it's a cool dish anyway, do you think the quinoa could be made the day before?
Nicki said…
Yes, make it the day before...quinoa is awesome cold & great to snack on! And Cranberry Quinoa sounds delish!
Hidden Baby said…
Quinoa truly makes any salad better. It has the perfect consistency to pile on all the toppings, plus its so healthy for you!

I made my salad a couple nights ago. I ended up finding a recipe that had dried cranberries, pecans, and apple. The dressing was olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dijon, maple syrup, and cinnamon. It would be a better fall dish, but it was still amazing.
Nicki said…
Oh, it sounds amazing!! I'd love to post if you are interested? Happy weekend to you!
Susie Buetow said…
The salad looks amazin'! It is going in my summer recipe Pin Box! xoxo susie
Nicki said…
Thank you, thank you so much!! :D
Diane Balch said…
You can't go wrong with quinoa and if it works for Gwythen Paltrow it works for me. Thanks so much for joining us on foodie friday. Hope to see you back next week.
Adelina Priddis said…
Your salad looks wonderfully refreshing. I need to start trying more quinoa recipes. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday
Holly said…
Mmmmmm looks yummy - can't wait to try it out! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Holly

Nicki said…
Thank you so much, happy weekend to you all!
Miz Helen said…
We will just love this Salad. Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a fabulous week and come back soon!
Miz Helen
Nicki said…
Thank you so much and thank you for stopping by! Have a happy week!