Superbook Saturdays Starting Tonight on CBS!

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This is not a sponsored post.  I am very excited to share this with you!

This month, CBS is launching Superbook on it's CBS-owned stations in major television markets across the country!  I am so excited to see something on TV that has values, morals and is Christ centered presented in a fun and relevant way.  If there was more of this on TV, I might consider getting cable.

Please be sure to watch Superbook Saturdays on CBS and support family-friendly programing in America!  God knows we need it :)

Check out Superbook fun for kids, games and kids club.

Superbook has won the hearts of children around the world since 1981. And now, with its new award-winning animation series, you can travel back in time with Chris, Joy, and their robot Gizmo on exciting adventures from Creation through Revelation.
Again, this is not a sponsored post.