Take Your Kids On A Daily Nature Walk!

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Happy summer to you!  I know we all get busy.  We are moms ( dads) and that comes with the privilege.  But, perhaps one of the most important things we can do for our littles, is to show them they are worth our time.  Unplugged. No distractions.  Just them.  They notice and it matters.  

Also, please read the bottom notes regarding little one's tee shirt before you comment... ;D


Sometimes you have to get close to the earth to see!

We looked for fairies gathering food or playing.  We thought perhaps we saw one...

Can you see the ant? (that little guy is fast)
How very cool is this snail?  Yes, we put him back where we found him.

It's Tree Beard!  I bet there are fairies here!

How absolutely cool this snail is!  This was our most favorite find this trip.

Turn off the phone, computer and TV.  (I don't mean the volume...the actual OFF button ;) And  
Enjoy the Day and Play!!!!

Yes, I know that the little pnut's shirt is inside-out.  It had been a long morning and it really wasn't worth tears 
(his or mine).
My shirt was outside-in and I had gotten my teeth brushed.  I feel that was acomplishment enough. ;D